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Renovate Your Kitchen This Summer for Food, Family and Fun!

interior of a custom kitchen

Your kitchen is the hardest working room in the house. It’s also intricately designed, with water, gas and electricity lines likely in place so all your appliances can function effectively. To make sure that your summer kitchen renovation is effective all yearlong, consider the tips below. Light Up Your Workspace Under-cabinet lighting and pendant lights […]

Give Your Bathroom a Makeover This Spring

Finished Bathroom Build Over Drawing

When the warm weather comes our way, many people feel inspired to clean their homes and freshen things up. The spring is a great time to take a look at your bathroom and figure out how to improve it. Keep Things Organized A lot of things tend to accumulate in bathrooms, and it doesn’t take […]

Follow These Tips When Adding a Home Addition in the Winter

home with an extension being built

Most people spend significantly more time indoors during the winter than they do during the other seasons. This makes it a perfect opportunity to get involved with an addition project that you might not have time for during the spring or summer. While colder weather can bring some complications and limitations, there are some helpful […]

Enhance Your New Year’s Kitchen Remodeling With Fashion and Functionality

new kitchen with three pendant lights

Your kitchen is the center of home life today for your entire household, with ongoing activity, food preparation, and socializing. Because so much time is spent and enjoyed in your home kitchen, it is not surprising that you plan frequent interior updates. Kitchen design and decor experts are offering some compelling advice and tips for […]

7 Things to Help You Remodel Your Bathroom During the Holidays

Soaking tub near a decorative window

The decorations and lights of the holiday season increase your curb appeal, but you can use that same logic inside your home. Remodeling your bathroom for the holidays helps brighten your household’s daily routine. Here are some things to remember before taking on a few remodeling projects in your bathroom for the holidays. 1. Budget […]

3 Essential Tips for Preparing Your Patio for Fall Weather

Red Chairs surrounded by Autumn Leaves

The weather in fall is often cool and crisp, which is why most homeowners can’t wait to sit on their patios and enjoy the weather. But, it’s important to prepare your patio first. Consider the tips discussed below to make your patio as inviting as possible during fall weather. 1. Start by Cleaning Your Patio […]