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Enhance Your New Year’s Kitchen Remodeling With Fashion and Functionality

Your kitchen is the center of home life today for your entire household, with ongoing activity, food preparation, and socializing. Because so much time is spent and enjoyed in your home kitchen, it is not surprising that you plan frequent interior updates. Kitchen design and decor experts are offering some compelling advice and tips for remodeling your kitchen in the new year.

Innovative Elements for Your New Year’s Kitchen Update Plan

As you decide on your kitchen refurbishing plan for the new year, consider including some appealing elements recommended by expert interior designers. Once you know what items you want to include in your kitchen update, your renovating team create a 3D rendering. The latest fashionable and functional design options suggested by professionals include the items below.

Coffee Corners

A popular element of kitchen design for the coming year is coffee corners in breakfast nooks. These attractive coffee bars have storage areas for coffee, tea, breakfast foods, snacks, plates, mugs, silverware, and other serving accessories. Enjoy a stylish yet cozy start to each day in your new coffee corner.

Multifunctional Islands

Kitchen islands are currently central, dynamic design elements that serve diverse needs and host myriad activities. This warm, inviting room element helps you host quick early morning weekday breakfasts, informal gatherings with family and friends, and casual party guests. Once a food prepping area, your kitchen island is now a favorite spot for social gatherings and relaxing with beverages, snacks, and lively conversation.

Herringbone Floors

The popular herringbone design originated in the ancient Roman Empire. This appealing style element has had an upswing in popularity recently in patterns for textiles, tiles, and other products. Hardwood flooring in the herringbone style adds warmth to any kitchen decor. It also tends to create a more wide-open feeling in kitchens with limited floor space or irregular shapes.

Warm Organic Tones

Kitchens with warm, organic tones and ambience are now more in demand than ever before. When you add light oak or pine cabinets, exposed beams with dramatic wood grains, and vintage bronze hardware to your kitchen design, the room glows with inviting natural charm and allure.

3D Tiles

Richly textured 3D tiles lend appealing depth and character to kitchen designs for the new year. They are often the first element of design and decor that your friends will rave about when they see your renovated kitchen. This type of tiling adds a fashionable dimension to your backsplash and kitchen walls.

For top-rated advice and services for kitchen remodeling in Port Arthur, TX, consult Gulf Express Construction. Our experts will delight in providing the updated kitchen interior that’s the design of your dreams.